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Build-A-Bear Workshop does still make many different kinds of bears! (This list is NOT complete... yet!)

Peace Bear

Beary O'Lucky Teddy

Cele-bea-ration Bear Pink

Cele-bear-ation Bear Yellow

Lil' Coconut Cub

Endless Hugs Teddy

Happy Hugs Teddy

Camo Bear

Velvety Teddy

Jeter Bear

Cross Bear

Star of David Bear

iCarly Bear

Sweet Cuddles Teddy Pink

Sweet Cuddles Teddy Blue

Champ Bear (III)

Peace & Hugs Bear

Bearemy (III)

Polar Bear (V)

Winter Hugs Bear

Autumn Hugs Bear

Summer Hugs Bear

Spring Hugs Bear

Lil' Chocolate Cub

Lil' Sweet Cream Bear

Polar Bear (IV)

Pudsey Bear

Bearilliant Blue Teddy

Hannah Montana Bear

Hopeful Wishes Teddy (II)

High School Musical Bear

Cuddly Hugs Teddy Pink

Cuddly Hugs Teddy Blue

Champ Bear (II)

Adoring Amethyst Teddy

Toffee Teddy

Canada Spirit Teddy

USA Spirit Teddy

Grizzly Bear (III)

Ted the Tailor

Treasured Topaz Teddy

Kuddly Koala (III)

Pink Hearts Teddy

Lucky Fur You Teddy

Irish bear

French Bear

Precious Pink Teddy

Bearemy (II)

Lil' Honey Cub

Playful Polar Bear

Lil' Butter Cream Cub

Winter Bear

Dimples Teddy (II)

Autumn Bear

Travelling Teddy

Read Teddy (III)

Velvet Bear

Summer Bear

Panda Bear

Black Bear (III)

Big Softy Bear

Lots O'Luck Teddy

Spring Bear

Sweet Hugs & Kisses Teddy

Festive Sparkle Teddy (Green)

Festive Sparkle Teddy (Red)

Lil' Milk Chocolate Cub

British Bear

Scottie Bear

Butter Bear

Pawsome Pumpkin Teddy

Champ Bear (I)

Winnie The Pooh

Big Hugs Bear

I Heart NY Bear

Pink Kisses Fur You Teddy

Polar Bear (III)


Lil' Brown Bear

Travelling Teddy On Tour

Lil' Vanilla Cub

Hearts Fur You Teddy

Pink Cuddles Teddy

Blue Cuddles Teddy

Cuddly Candy Teddy

Nikki's Bear (III)

Curly Teddy

Velvet Teddy

Kuddly Koala (II)

Lucky O' Teddy

Read Teddy (II)

Valentine's Hugs Teddy

Festive Fall Teddy

Nikki's Bear (II)

Butterscotch Bear

Maple Teddy

Dimples Teddy (I)

Teddy O' Shamrock

Tie Dye Teddy

Hearts-A-Plenty Teddy

Lil' Caramel Cub

Lil' Cocoa Cub

Happy Harvest Teddy

Happy Cub

Centennial Teddy Bear V

Shaggy Teddy

Lucky Teddy

Nikki's Bear (I)

Kisses Fur You Teddy

Curly Bear (II)

Read Teddy (I)

Centennial Teddy Bear IV

Cuddly Teddy (Blue)

Cuddly Teddy (Pink)

Lil' Luck Cub

Heart Cub

Hopeful Wishes Teddy (I)

Black Bear (II)

Halloween Cub (II)

Grizzly Bear (II)

Polar Bear (II)

Centennial Teddy Bear III


Lil' Love Cub

New Year Bear

Halloween Cub (I)

Grizzly Bear (I)

Centennial Teddy Bear II

Kuddly Koala (I)

Lil' O'Cub

Valentine Cub

Millennium Cub

Bearemy (I)

Big Brown Bear

Lil' Luv Cub

Centennial Teddy Bear I

Roly Poly Panda

Curly Bear

Black Bear (I)

Floppy Bear

Vintage Bear

Chubby Cubby

Shaggy Bear

Hug Me Bear

Polar Bear (I)

Buddy Bear

Mink-Look Bear

Baby's First Pink

Baby's First Blue

Lil' Cub Chocolate

Lil' Cub Taffy

Lil' Cub Butterscotch

Classic Brown Teddy

Lil' Cub

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